Save this relationship & family

Hello everyone, I'm a mom of 3 BEAUTIFUL Girls. My family is interracial therefore alot of people see color and separation. I'm writing to ask for a donation of 520 or what can be given. Whatever is given will be used towards my family. I'm asking for 520 for rent. We are a family of 5 we use to have two steady income and two running cars. But we are down to one income and one car. I'm wanting to fix my family. My husband works everyday a 9-5 job with very low pay we can barely afford the bills we have now. We weren't always like this 2017 was a rough year for us. We were expecting and both working. My husband was let go while on FMLA due to his asthma. He just got a new job and it only pays 9 dollars a hour. And I lost my job due to the new babys health conditions. I just want to be able to help my husband with one bill to ease his mind and gain happiness in my family. All my husband does is work and it's never enough to cover our bills so therefore everything upsets him as a good man. My daughter doesn't want to ever be home because we never do anything fun because we never have anything extra to go do anything. My two little girls are young so they don't understand they just see mommy and daddy fussing alot. I'm just wanting some help that ease everyone mind. I've sold everything I have. My husband has taken everything out of his 401k to make sure we make it. But it's not enough to cover everything. My car got repo and I lost my job. And I'm just stuck in pain I hate seeing everyone so unhappy I feel like a awful mom. I let my kids and husband down. Please if you find it in your heart donate to my family. Here's my PayPal.