Save my Life.

LionLand, Mancheste

I am a 48yo male. I have had a heart condition since i was 21. About 15 years ago I went for heart surgery and got a staph infection in my chest. I was in the hospital for months fighting this and was told I would not live. I am lucky to be alive 15 years later. However the staph damaged my heart. It enlarged it and over time I developed heart failure in 2004. Then I became diabetic in 2005. The staph also destroyed bone in my chest. I had to have my sternum removed. I also developed irregular heart beats leaving me dizzy most of the time. All this left me disabled on Social Security and medicare. Before this I always worked 60 to 100 hours a week. Which also contributed my poor health. In 2008 I had my second heart attack (a minor one). It was actually lucky for me. Doctor installed a defibrillator with pacing technology. My dizzy spells were finally under control. Since then I have been working hard to build strength so I can go back to work and have a normal productive life. My car .. 1996 Chevy Corsica is no longer road worthy. Now I have trouble making appointments to my Cardiologist, primary care Physician and physical therapy. This year i have missed 6 doctors appointments and had to stop all therapy. I also have trouble picking up medication on time so i go with out them sometimes up to a week. I didn't realize how important my car was until i couldn't use it. I get $1500/mo from Social Security. $96 of that goes toward medicare insurance premium. My rent is $500/mo. My medications are $400/mo and that is with prescription help. With out that help my meds are $1476. My utilities run $400/on average. I have about $3000 in medical bills. The rest I spend on food, car insurance and payments toward medical bills. Other than socks and underwear I have not bought any clothes in 15 years ... nothing. I am asking for any help. Most important i need to get a car or fix my car which needs $2300 in repairs. Exhaust, brakes, bodywork, tires and a windshield. If I have wheels I can finish getting back into shape and work to take care of everything else. If I get the help I need from here I PROMISE when I go back to work I will come back here and help people DOUBLE the amount of help I got. I am a hard worker who hates being on SS. Unfortunately if I don't get help my health will go backwards. I will die within a year or two. I just starting gaining muscles back in my legs and arms I still have a long way to go. I need to get cardiac therapy to make my heart stronger. It isn't something I can do at home because I need to be monitored the whole time. Please help. Time is important I have already lost 5 months of therapy and my legs are getting weaker and i am getting weaker. I beg you. Please. But if prayers are all you can give I will appreciate that also. God Bless you all and your families.