Save me from being deported

Mara, Perth, Au

Hi my name Is Mara Im 24 Polish girl and up to few months ago I believed that I had a good future ahed of me. I moved to Australia 2 years ago with my Fiance to start a new life. And thats when the things have changed rapidly. As soon as I was put on my Fiances visa he became very abusive and controlling knowing that I have no one to turn to for help he was able to get away with this. But after a year of constant abuse I finally got tired of this knowing that he will not change I finally got enough courage to leave him. As a vengeance he have cancelled my visa and cleared my bank account knowing that if I want be able to pay for flights out of a country I will get deported. I managed to save some money that I had in separate account and hire a migration agent to help me appeal to my visa cancellation. Unfortunately the decision was not overturned. So now my only option that will save me from deportation Is to enrol in to School and swap to student visa, but I can not afford the tuition. I have tryed to find a job for past 3 for months but no one will hire me without a visa. At the moment Im sleeping on my friends couch as I cant afford rent and bills anymore and Im forced to eat instant noodles as this is all I can afford to eat. This situation and the constant stress and fear of whats going to happen to me has taken his turn on my physical and mental health. I was recently admitted to psychiatric unit after a nervous breakdown and was diagnosed with severe depression. I have hit a rock bottom and I have lost all hope that anything good will ever happen to me and I lost the will power to live my life. So Im begging you please give me my hope back, give me a reason to believe that things will get better. Im begging you to help me. Any donation will mean so much to me and I could never be able to thank you enough for your help. Please help me start new life I have nowhere to go and no one to turn for help, Im desperate. Tank you