Save me and my daughter from ending up on the streets

Desperate, Soon Stre

My landlord gave me two weeks to pay the outstanding rent or else me and my little daughter (Kate 5yo) will be on the streets. Four months ago Kate's dad left us to stay with another woman and last month I lost my job. I was working in the coffee shop but winter came, customers disappeared and owner decided to get rid of unneeded employees. I'm really ashamed to beg for money but I have no other option left to support myself and my daughter. If we are to moved out from my current place I will have no money to pay for any other accommodation. I was trying to find any other part time job (cant leave Kate home alone for too long) but its so difficult to find waitress employment in this season. I don't know how I got here, couple of months ago I had a full family. We were never rich but with salaries of two adults life wasn't bad. Later income from my part time job was just enough for rent and very basic food. No I have no income and no family to ask for help. I don't want such life for my child. She is so young and innocent. I can't stand the thought loosing her but if we become homeless I will have to leave her somewhere where she can at lest get food daily. Ever $ matters now. I know that many of you reading this straggle to pay their own bills. I'll be happy to receive anything, even 1$ can now make a difference. I'll pray for you all including those who looked at this message and wanted to help but couldn't afford to do so.