Sailor wanting to give fiance a dream wedding

DoraLee, Norfolk,

I've been in the Navy for 6 years and served 3 back to back deployments. My fiance is very ill and most of our money goes into paying medical bills. We want to get married in a wonderful memorable way but if we get the wedding we want, we will not be able to afford to eat, even with my benefits. The military will not recognize our union (we are gay) so we will not get the benefits that straight married couples do. We will still be scraping away to pay for her medical bills and have a roof over our head. I want to give my fiance the dream wedding she has always wanted but never thought she would have. Some background, she cannot work, but she volunteers working with kids and helping animals. She's my hero, and I just want to give her the best I can. This wedding would be the ultimate gift to her spirit. Thank you.