Round Trip Plane Tickets To Guatemala

DesireADi, Portland,

Hi my name is Vickie and I am here today begging for assistance. I need support and appreciate and want to thank all who support me anyway they are willing. Pray for me, make a donation or share you air miles. The choices I have made and the vicious cycle of addiction has brought me to where I'm at today. My family has given up on me. I don't blame them as much as it hurts I have failed them time and time again. I've been struggling for over 27 years. I had everything set for Ibogaine Treatment in Guatemala, which was I was scheduled to leave today. The treatment is covered and don't want to loose what has been covered. I had the money on the 8th and unfortunately my puppy had to be hospitalized and it took close to $600 to pay Vet fees. I have documentation if you'd like to verify my story. Needless to say that was my plane ticket. I don't know what else to say, however will answer amy questions you may have at the following email address: please don't be mean to me. I am really fragile and just reaching out for support. I am hurting and just really need a hug! Thank you again. If you'd like drop me a line and idk I just beg for a miracle.