Residence Rent & Might Be Homeless

Samantha , North Bay

I’ve just found out that if my financial standing isn't brought down to an outstanding $1250.00 for residence, that I will barred access from my apartment and will not have a home for my remaining semester. My OSAP loan this year was $3000.00 less than it was last year, which pretty much slammed me in the dog house. I’ve had no luck finding any work here, despite desperately applying for jobs and handing out resumes. At the moment, if I can’t come up with $3780.00 by the end of January, I’ll be denied access to my apartment and will have to live on the street. The residence staff has removed payment plans they made into contract without the permission of the students, and are not allowing them access if they owe over $1250.00. They implemented this rule with out telling anyone, and sent out emails over Christmas Break. I only have $500 - $600 on me right now and they're demanding that the $3780 is the minimum payment to be made. If anyone would like to help, my email is Thank You, Samantha.