Required money to clear my family debts

My name is Vikas, working as an employee in a company in Vizag, India. I have joined this job two years ago. I am recently married and blessed with a child month ago. Until this time everything was going smoothly, but now I came to know that my parents are in debts which in turn became huge because of the interests. Debts are because of my parents standing as a security to a person who is very close relative to us and unfortunately he expired in a road accident. Now the amount of 40 lakhs INR was on my parents. I have adjusted an amount up to 5 lakhs INR by taking loans. Still 35 laks have to be paid and the interest is getting added to it. The main reason I have come here to beg here because, now a case has been filed on my parents by the finance company, and I don't know what to do. My parents are on the verge of going to Jail. If that happens, I will be a waste son who cannot protect my parents. And the salary which I get is going towards loan repayment. My expenditure increased because of the newly born baby. My parents hid the debts matter from me so that I wont get tensed. I came to know about this matter only after the case has been filed. Mine is a love marriage, and right now we are in serious troubles because of all this things.I even sold out my bike for this and I dont have anything more to sell.I am on facebook and gmail. JUst search for vikas reddy palnati in facebook and you will come to know about me. Your little help may not completely clear my debt, but it will certainly reduce to some extent. I dont even have 15$ to make my request to be on the top of page. Kindly help me as I was out of options.