rent & light bill please!

Brokemomm, SC

I have recently list my job & my mom is on disability. Her check barely covers household costs & since my job had me living check to check, we are struggling to pay the bills. I'm a single mother, living at home with my mother who is blind. Our phone line was turned off yesterday & she needs to be able to call someone if she needs help. I have a smart phone luckily & my neighbors wifi is the only reason I'm able to be here asking for help. Any donations would be greatly appreciated! My daughter is 7 years old, top of her class & eager to go to the 2nd grade. I would like to buy her some new clothes & shoes if possible. Most of that will come from doing at thrift stores & goodwill. We have no bad spending habits, no useless bills, hell we haven't even had the luxury of cable in 6 years! :-( Please donate a dollar here & there, we shall be grateful to pay it forward. Thank you for your kind generosity! Sincerely, broke mommy, smart daughter & blind granny