Rent/ food

Vee82, Melbourne

My reason is because I separated with my husband because he started using drugs and becoming very abusive, I'm glad I made that decisions because it came out that he was unfaithful for 4 months before kicking him out, he has meet a woman older her own home owner that supported him in his habit to take him away from me and my children, he does not give me anything to help support the children and on his visits he demands I pay him money for having the children over night, he is very intimidating when I do see him, I wouldn't ever see him but I couldn't do that to my children they love him like a child loves there father no matter what and I wouldn't influence there thoughts on loving there father until they are old enough to understand what has happened, in me paying him all the time it has set me back dramatically I'm behind in rent and barely have any food in our home. He won't help and doesn't feel any compassion about what he is doing to me and contacting just means he will try and get more money from me, it's not the man I married it's the drugs but he is so soulless it's scary, I'm begging for just a little help to get back on my feet and in doing so I promise I'm getting help with counseling to empower myself to say no more, and to deal with it when he won't see his children because I won't pay him a single cent, and his visitation will have to be purely for love itself, the amount that would change my life and bring me up again would be 600 it's not a lot for most people but it's food in my kids bellies and a home for them . Thank you if u could directly help me please email me because my paypal is not set up and then I can give u my account details and promise to keep in touch and let u know how wonderfully u changed my life and send u pictures or the 2 smiling children u have helped too Please help me feel good take control of my life and make me strong towards an ex abusive partner.