Rent, dental bills, medical bills

Nichole, Woonsocke

Hi everyone! Thanks for reading! I had worked three jobs at one point but became disabled and started recently to collect SSDI, I'm grateful for anything but it's about half of what I made working. I still have yet to get the back pay and have bills due now, the most important is to get caught up on rent and my phone bill which I use for medical purposes since all of my doctors have that number. I also have dental work I need done very soon, I've had major TMJ and am not a good candidate for a partial plate so I need a root canal and three implants much to my dismay if I want this ear and headache pain to go away anytime soon. It's starting to get cold out and I don't want to be homeless in winter, I've lived in a shelter before for 6 months and don't want to go there again. If you have any further questions and are a real person and not an overseas scam artist, you may email me at and I can answer your questions and provide ID and other income info if you need it. I am looking for $500 for rent which is the most important obviously, and combined for all the dental work I need $3000. If you can help it would be greatly appreciated and if you can't, then thank you for at least reading my story! -Nichole