Rent and bills

Single fa, Pocatello

I got laid off in Jan. and my bills are piling up. I am a single father raising 3 kids on my own. I paid up my rent ’til May and now it's Sept. I have been looking for work every single day and nothing has come up. I have been so stressed about my phone getting shut off and potential employers won’t be able to contact me. Not to mention my rent. If I get evicted, my children and I will be out on the streets. If that happens, the kids will have to go back to their abusive mother who's never home and I really don’t want them to have to deal with her again. I now have a dish washing job, but I'm so far behind on everything, I won't be able to catch up. My kids need things for school, my laundry's piling up while things I need to run my home is dwindling. I am in dire straights and really need the help. $2,500.00 should get be by. Please help…I don’t know what else to do.