FLboy29, Orlando,

I'll be frank, a lot of my current issues are my own fault. I own up to it, and I don't expect much outta this. This month has been rough on me. I've had to deal with emergency car repairs thanks to brake issues (mostly calipers). And some of you know how much that costs. On top of that, I've made the mistake of trying to help those when I'm already scratching and clawing to get by. Now I have to pay rent and make sure I have enough to move out since the decided to up my rent by $225 for a renewal. All the while I'm berating myself for making the choices I did. But I don't have the luxury to sit here and feel sorry for myself. Yes, it's stupid of me, and like I said I brought this on myself. I live pay check to pay check, and any hiccup that comes up is bound to shake things up. This has been my life for a good five years now. I thank anyone willing to throw some bootstraps my way.