Trevor, United ki

hi reader, i am masters student studying at university.over the last months i have had series of setbacks in terms of getting a job and supporting myself .there are days when i go without a proper meal .its been so hard that at some point i got really depressed and withdrawn . i need some help from any generous reader to help contribute to pay my rent in which i have owed in the last five months. my landlord has been really patient and i am realy thankful for his patience , i dont want him to run out of patience and kick me out. we have had a good landlord /tennant relationship in the last two years that i have lived in his house .i try to solve my problems the best way ican but sometimes there comes a point when i cannot do it all alone and i need help.please anyone who has been in my situation and knows what it feels like to be in such a situation could help.with a sincere heart i do appreciate any donation