Prevent m, Pennsylva

I am a single mother of 3 young children. I work full-time, but my ex-husband stopped paying his child support 3 months ago and I am no longer able to meet our expenses on my income alone. I was not able to pay our November rent, and even though I have paid our rent on time and in full every month for over 3 years, our landlord is being a jerk and is taking us to the magistrate within days to start eviction proceedings. He refuses to take partial payment and allow me more time to gather the rest of the rent. I have applied at multiple agencies and charities for help, but have been turned away or denied by everyone. I work as a social worker, and spend all day, every day providing help to families in need, but in my time of need I have not been able to receive help from anyone. This is our last resort. We live a simple life - I do not have cable or a car payment. We do not go out to eat. Every piece of clothing that we own has come from the thrift store, and we scavenge furniture off of the streets when the college students move out at the end of the year. I have cut every single expense out of my budget that I could, but between rent and student loans plus having to feed and clothe the kids, I fell short last month. Please help us!!! I will gladly pay it forward as soon as we're able to get back on our feet again. Thank you for your assistance. Happy Holidays to you all.