Redundant single dad with 5 year old daughter

Luke & Ch, Australia

Well, I'm a 26 year old male and I have a 5 year old daughter, Charlotte. We live in a rented 2 bedroom unit, I lost my job as a vehicle fabricator (welder) mid August and haven't really found any reliable source of income since. My fiance threw her ring back at me and took off maybe due to the financial stress, leaving behind our 5 year old daughter, Charlotte. She will not answer her phone and I do not know where she may of gone. What more difficult now is now I'm unable to look for work /attend interviews as I have no one to look after Charlotte, except to take her with me to these interviews. At the moment we are handwashing our clothes to keep electricity bills to a minimum and going to bed early to reduce use of lights again to keep electricity costs down. we eat mainly cold foods, sandwiches anything that doesn't require a full great deal of cooking. We have to come to cafe's to use this free wireless internet to find jobs. I'm not of the type to beg, I've never been an alcoholic, smoker or drug user and we've never been this low in our lives. It's hard to see Charlotte's school friends have nice uniforms and shoes, but she never seems to care about what the other kids may think of her.. Her smile is like sunshine. She keeps me sane and keeps me going! I'm not one to be begging but if anyone would like to help us with donations, We would be ever so grateful and it would be amazing to see the kind heartedness and warmth that strangers can give. Thank you ever so much! Luke & Charlotte