really need some money to get us through til next week

Mumoftwo, United ki

Hi this is a genuine request. ill be honest and admit this week i messed up, right now i face a weekend with no money,gas is very low which means no heating very soon i hve little food and just £4 emergency credit on my electric meter. i have two children one aged 14 the other is 10 and one has adhd , i also suffer with diabetes, fibromyalgia and anxiety and depression, i also am battling a eating disorder. I am a survivor of child sexual abuse and im ashamed to admit that one of my coping mechanisms of this is to shop, gamble, and over eat, i am getting help for this but this week it just got too much to handle. i would be really greatful for any help i may be able to get from the kind people who come accross my post here, i appreciate and give thanks 100 per cent in advance i just need some help to keep me and my children warm and fed this weekend.