$$ Problems

EditorSix, FL

Okay, here is the deal. Short and sweet. Yes, I am an Editor, but we all have money issues from time to time. I make a modest income, as does my husband. But we are house poor and live paycheck to paycheck. Right now, I have to work from home because I got too far behind on my kid's tuition. They have been out of school for over a month now. We are also behind on our mortgage and credit card bills. Most creditors have greatly reduced our credit limits, causing us to have to send in higher payments or risk a higher APR. We work hard everyday and we only want the best for our children. We have drained our savings and all our resources. Our family has helped all they can because they too have their own money issues with job loss. We only need a little help. Once we have our head above water, then we will be able to help someone else. Whatever you can give will be greatly appreciated. Whether its $1 or $100... we will thank you all the same. I will update this post as we reach our goal of $5000.