Poisoned By Campbell\'s Soup

Need Help, Orlando,

I've been out of work since 9/26/12, on that day I was eating a can of Campbell's Soup. It had a glass like foreign object in it. Later that night, I became sick. The next day - still sick, I had to go to the emergency room. I was told I needed surgery immediately. After recovery, I fell into depression, and was prescribed several anti-depressants, which prohibited me from returning to work. I was baker acted three times and I overdosed on my depression medications, sending me back to the hospital for three days, and baker acted again for four days. I have a negative account balance in my checking account. Hospital bill collectors call me all day, everyday. I've sold my flat screen TV, all my jewelry, and anything else of valve that I have. Please, if you have anything you can spare, it would be so much appreciated. Thank you.