Please send a dollar, not a penny more.

There is ten things I am grateful for...1) Forgiveness. 2) God. 3) Unconditional Love. 4) My family. 5) First, second, third chances. 5) My family’s health. 6) My dogs. 7) Having a roof over my head. 8) My sanity (kind of). 9) My friends. 10) Finally, Thank God, I am not one of the parents sitting at children’s hospital with a terminally ill child. Bless the parents that have to experience that, my heart goes out to them. I could not even imagine. The circumstances below are nothing compared to what those parents are going through. But, I am a parent who is worried about their kid. My 22-year-old son, Jesse. He is very respectful, works full time, after work and on weekends he goes door to door, asking people if they need yard work done. Jesse has given me the best thing in the world, two grand babies. He is a good dad and has no regrets. Far from a whiner, Jesse gets going, when the going gets tough. In today’s age, it is hard to make ends meet, being single, let alone having two babies. It adds up... diapers, bills, rent, gas etc... I am doing the best I can to help, but I have been unable to gain full time employment, due to an unethical judge and an eleven-year child custody battle, where my girls are being abused, and the courts are failing to protect them. At times, I am in court three days a week. I have sold my car and other items to help my son, because it kills me to see him so stressed. I have liquidated everything I own, except the old laptop I am using. Asking for help was the last resort. Tuesdays and Thursdays, when I am not in court, I watch my grandbabies, so that my son’s wife can get to her job. Yes, these kids are very fortunate to have a roof over their head and a vehicle. I know that there are many young parents who have struggled far greater than my son. Nonetheless, these kids need help. They do not collect aid and they pay their health insurance. I feel it is somewhat ironic that the government is willing to help the people who sit on their butts all day, but when someone works, they receive no assistance at all. Anyways, I am sorry, as I have rattled on long enough. I will get to the point. I am asking for a dollar, and not a penny more, please. I did not tell him I was doing this because he is a very prideful young man. Knowing him, when I tell him, he will give everyone their dollar back. I hope that he can swallow his pride, as it is just a dollar... It if you would like to verify that this is not a scam, feel free to call me on my cell at 530-240-5381, my name is Angie, I will provide you any information you need. Thank You for your time. Please send a dollar to PayPal account: Thank You.