Please save my family this time from my current debts

Rebuildin, Asia

Dear Sir, I am writing to you out of utter desperation owing to my present circumstances. I went through a post divorce depression and have accumulated a debt of about $80 000 SGD owing to my inability to perform at work. As a result, I was on no pay leave and medical leave until I was terminated 2 years ago. Prior to my termination, I remarried as I view family institution with paramount importance. My present wife is currently pregnant with our second baby. The banks are after us after exercising restraint to make me bankrupt for these two years. I hope that with the compassion and philanthropic nature of your organisation, my family and I would get the reprieve needed to be debt free so that I could continue upgrading myself to stand a better chance of employability. I made an appeal through the government agencies n to the President to get back my job to no avail. I am thankful to be given a family once more but my children and wife need a better future. I've been trying to secure a job but due to the nature of my termination, I am faced with a tumultuous task. I would be grateful if your organisation is willing to consider my appeal. I would be happy to provide bank statements and other relevant documents to have my situation verified and attended to. As time is ticking away, I am desperate and have even considered cyber begging. As an aside, my right eye is blind and am wearing a contact lens to cover the eye so as to look normal in the hope to get a level playing field for job interviews. I was teaching for 18 years before getting fired. Now that I'm in my 40s, the prospect of re employment remains a huge task. I hope you would consider my appeal. Sincerely, Fkhan and family Paypal : Email :