please need to save house

Help me s, Texas

I've been having bad luck for a couple of months and I can't afford Christmas gifts for granddaughter or have an money to fix my car or I lost my job cause I didn't have a car for my job I couldn't find a job near me I fell behind in my house payments now the guy we owe is going to foreclose on us he will not take payments he said he wants the hole amount of 4000.00 I was going to get a loan on the house but I have bad credit I can not get a loan my car is not working to get a title loan cause they want to see the car and its not driveable I tried selling stuff to get the money on Craig list but someone keeps flagging me no matter what Please someone help me donate a couple of dollars so I can save my house that would help me so I can get off my feet to get a car to get a job, and my plumbing is bad my toilets are backing up and tried stuff and didn't work and really can't afford a plumber its been like that for a month now or a coupe dollar can help me fix the plumbing need some help thank you