Please if you can.... help!!

Heather, MA

Hello everyone, I am not sure how I feel about begging people for money, but I am out of options, and mom said it never hurts to ask. So here it goes.... I am single mother of three (25, 18,16) and grandmother of 2 and I have recently taken in a neighborhood girl 17 yo whos father tossed her out on the street. She is a great kid, and certainly not worth tossing aside. She is in her senior year of school and looking towards college. I want to be able to continue to help her as well as my other children, but this year has been challenging and a never ending battle. I am presently the only one working thanks to our wonderful economy, and I have to drive 1 1/2 hours to work everyday just to stay employed. My 25 year old lost her job when her youngest child passed away of SIDS last december and she just couldnt function. She is getting counseling and doing much better, and has started looking for work, but not having much luck. My 18 year old is in college, which she works to pay for herself. My son is only 16 and really shouldnt have to worry about financial matters. I work, and I work hard to support my family the best I can, I have tried to locate even a second job, but with the commute to job 1 that is almost impossible. My boyfriend has tried to help me, but he got laid off and is presently losing his own house to foreclosure. I am a hardworking woman who just needs a little help. I am behind in car payments, utilities, and we are in desperate need of oil. I have tried to apply for assistance, but the government says I am not eligible because in their minds I only have one dependent, therefore I make to much money. Any little bit helps, so please and thank you if you can. My email and paypal account are