PLEASE HE, Cameroon

I am writing this today not because I like to beg. But, when you are pussed to an extent that you see your body shows on the wall, what do you do? You beg also, since begging is no crime then you beg. Ha-ha.. We are a family of five and I am the first born, In Africa when you the first child the whole load tend to be on you, we lost our mum in 1996 and our dad in 2011, I dropped out of school to fend for my younger ones though we don’t stay together. I had to separate them because our house rent was due and so we packed out, I squat with a friend and they also squat with friends too. The house that our father was building was abandoned. I really want to go back to college; I really want to become a lawyer I want to go to law school but there’s no money for that. I want to be able to complete some part of the house so that I can bring back my younger ones so as to leave as family again because I see them from time to time and it really pains me. I have some business ideas that helped my family and I will be comfortable and willing to help the society at large, businesses like poultry farming, cattle rearing, farming they make good money in my country, I also have some knowledge in online business but when I think of all these I break down because there’s no money to carry out such a big dream. I want to be a responsible big brother to take care and provide for my younger ones I am a father to them now. We have no family to turn to for help and are just seeking assistance. I would appreciate any donation and I promise that I will graduate and work hard my younger ones will go back to school. God bless you and Thank you very much!