Please help us this is frustating!

Hello everyone, My name is André i am from Portugal and i'm 30 years old. I live in a small apartment with my wife and my 4 years old son and 17 days old daughter and my wife doesn't work and i work in construction but my payement is per hour i win money per hour and my contract is kind of a bit "ilegal" because security social discounts are really low and the insurance is a joke. I recently developed a disease in my leg due to clogged veins named "tromblafite" and i cannot work because i have hearth attack risk and trombose status after it so the problem is my insurance gives me 7 euros per day to stay home and i already tried everything they say i can't get more. Only when i get cirurgy and then recover i can get back to work, but the situation here is im winning 7 euros per day x 21 days its 147 euros. i have 300 euros rent to pay , water gas and electricity plus food and baby stuff. My kid already stop going to children school because we have no money to pay it and we have nothing t oeat in home im afraid we will get dumped from our home because i need to buy food with this 147 euros i get per month. I hope you understand my situation and all help is appreciated and we will be all thankfull with you forever. I am sorry for my english hope you can help us. Regards, Marques Family PayPal.Me/AndreIglesias