please help us

hi this is my first time at this so i dont know if it works or not,so this is my,my partner and 8 children have been in a small 3 bedroom house now for about 7 years and i suppose all im asking for is someone to give me advice or loan maybe loan me the money to get out the situation we are in as we dont have a great deal of money.i have asked friends and family and just cant get the help,didnt really want to ask like this as i dont like to impose on other people,but i have no other choice. theres me my wife and 8 children we have no problem with anyone wanting to meet us so they can see the home we live in and see how many children we have.i feel like a failure to my children and wife and like i said im willing to try anything now to make a better life for my wife and children. so thankyou for taking the time to look at this and hope to hear from you soon. thankyou