Please help turn my children's lives round

Typing this I feel so ashamed, I am a mother of four, living in a run down area, people round us taking drugs, police arriving often, my children deserve better than this, We dream of living in a motorhome and going round Europe, I home educate my eldest daughter now, but would home educate all of them, if I get to do this, I am due to go bankrupt shortly, so I can not apply for finance, my life was very unsettled, I moved around for years racking up debt. I also set upmy own business (trying to get off benefits) due to a violent ex I had to flee, I imagine the life the children would have, been immersed in culture, visiting festivals and home education camps, away from the chaos in society today, If you can help you will be changing their lives, please help, please make a difference, these children deserve better. Kind Regards