please help towards our wedding

Wedding w, London

Hi, I'm new to this and also a tad embarrassed but i really need help towards my wedding on 29th feb 2012. I have recently taken on a 2nd bar job to try and help but I am now exhausted, i hardly see my children and with only less then 5 weeks to go we are still no where near the funds needed and stressing more then you could believe. we aren't having a big over the top wedding, we are being married in church and then a party in a pub hall afterwards but even the smallest of weddings mount up. You may think well you chose to do it, well yes but our main reason for getting married (other then loving each other) is for our children, so that they have a stable and together family life, with the security that marriage offers. Please any small donation would be greatly appreciated and once the wedding is sorted and finances stable I will be donating to others that need the help.