Ben Krudo, Philippin

I'm Ben Krudo and I'm from Bohol, Philippines. I need to raise funds that will help aid the injured, and people who have lost loved ones because of the earthquake and super typhoon "Yolanda" that hit our hometown(Bohol, Philippines) recently. The funds will also help provide the transportation of food and drinks to the victims who are now left homeless, hungry, and have nothing. Many of the old churches & buildings are now ruined. Your contribution will also help and give us the opportunity to rebuild our homes or structures that were greatly affected. I'm sincerely asking for your contribution that will help us raise the help funds, any amount will be highly appreciated. We can receive your kind and generous donations thru paypal ( If you simply cannot donate, just please help spread the word of this fund raise; you might know someone who is able to contribute one way or another. To read more about the fund raise and to contribute your share directly in our site paypal link, please visit You can send an email to discuss other donations donations like clothes, food or bed sheets etc. Thank you very much. BEN KRUDO