Please help my family

Ibelieve1, Oklahoma

I live in Oklahoma and I'm desperate and have nowhere or anyone else to turn to. My name is Stacy and I'm the single mother of a great 13 year old son. I fell and injured my back 3 months ago and I'm having to apply for disability but I was told that would take time. I was self employed cleaning houses so I can't collect unemployment Well I'm out of time. I had to go to court this week and I have to vacate my small apartment or they will padlock the door. My landlord wouldn't listen to me or work out anything. My son keeps asking me what's wrong and I can't bring myself to tell him all we have left is $8.37. My family is all gone and so is my son's father. All the agencies tell me they are out of funding and go try the shelters. Please don't have me take my son to a shelter. All I'm asking for is enough to help us get another place to live. I'll even try to pay you back as soon as I'm able. If you have some spare change in your PayPal account or an extra few dollars, that's all I'm pleading for. Please help, I can't give my son up. Bless you and Pray for us.