Please help medically retired veteran and fiance with 1 month of bills

ChristalB, Winston S

Hello, this is hard for us to do, but we have no where else to go. I am the mother of a young man who is serving our country in the Air Force, and fiance of an Iraq war veteran (Army). Recently, my fiance and I both lost our jobs. We are waiting for unemployment to start, but it is taking forever to get approved for some reason. He interviewed for a job last week and has gotten the job pending a background check, which is no problem. I applied for the same company and have an interview next week. The problem is, we have to pay bills that are due the beginning of December, just the ones his military retirement pay does not cover (this only covers rent and half of HIS car payment) until our paychecks start coming in, once we start working. We used our savings to pay bills last month, and have no money left. With car payment, utilities, insurance, gas for the cars and food, this totals $1012. We have never asked others for anything, and gave our last 2 dollars to a fundraiser for a woman who's house burnt down in our area the other day. We will continue to help others once we are back on our feet shortly, but we really need help just once. My fiance actually broke down and cried this morning. This is why I am doing this. Any help would be appreciated, and we will even pay you back once we are on our feet. Thank you so much. Paypal email: