Please Help Me Save My Life

Hi I am in desperate need of help with some money asap , I have no close family left through them passing away, I'm on the verge of loosing everything, I've applied for every kind of loan you can think of but my credit score is bad I can't get anything. I need £200 to pay my rent arrears or will b evicted ,I have 2 sons who I love dearly but won't get to see if I loose my house, I would pay this money back if someone would be kind enough to lend me it or if anyone can spare anything at all to help me out ,you would be very appreciated, I am hard working person and have a full time job but I've had some issues recently with my help resulting in being off sick ,during this time I've fallen behind with my rent, as I had a previous issue with my rent and they took me to court I managed to keep my house on that occasion but this was me promising to make payments constantly and paying off the arrears, now cause I'm behind again the council are taking me straight back to court and if I don't pay the £200 before it goes I will be thrown out , I can't contemplate that happening ,I can't imagine not seeing my kids ,it's one thing me being out on the street but not having somewhere to bring them would be devastating. So if anyone can help me ,please please do. I just need this little bit of help ,and get my life back on track ,get this off my back and get back to work, get back on my feet, this is my last resort as have knowone I can turn to. Thankyou for taking time to read my story and thankyou so much to anyone who can help me out ,anything u can give at all is s help.