Please help me raise enough money towards rent after redundancy

Becky, UK

Hello there :) I don't normally ask for help but I'm struggling and I don't know what to do, so I'm asking for £100 to help towards my rent. My name is Becky and I'm 27 years old. Three weeks ago I lost my job due to the company I worked for going into administration. I've now found employment elsewhere but I won't be paid until the end of May as I have to work a month in-hand. At the moment, my situation isn't good (Like many of you). I'm having to work part time at the moment as it is the only job on offer in my area, I also have a 19 month old daughter and a disabled partner. I have no savings and I'm at risk of losing my home. The money raised will be to pay towards 1 months rent. This will ensure I don't lose my home and will reduce the worry of trying to find enough money to pay the bills, food and keeping a roof over my families head. At the moment I feel like a failure as a mother, a woman and a partner. I have no where else to turn to. Thank you for reading my message and thank you in advance for your help. Please donate to via PayPal. Love Becky x