please help me pay my cat tiger's vet bill

Tigers mu, Uk

my cat tiger came home last thursday limping and crying, howling and dragging his poor bad leg behind him, i rung up my vets out of hours who told me to bring him in. I enthasised on the fact that i didnt have a penny and they said thats ok that i should bring him in and sort out repayment after. After his xrays etc they said that he had dislocated his hip and that to treat him they would need to keep him over night do more xrays then sedate him to massage the hip back into place. I was then told if they wanted me to go ahead with the treatment that i need to be able to pay half of the bill which was £300, the next day when i had to come and collect it, then the rest could be paid in installments. so i went home and borrowed all i could to come up with the money. on picking him up the next day the receptionost told me that she was surprised that tigers leg had stayed in , that most of the time it comes back out of place. she said that if it does come back out of place that he would need a more expensive treatment, a operation. now i felt misled as i hadnt been given this information before about massaging the leg back into place usually didnt work, i felt like the vets had tricked me into getting more money out of me, hench if it fails i then pay more for xrays and the operation. The vets hadnt mentioned anything to me about pdsa or pet aid. i was sent home with instructions to keep tiger in a cage, which i did. so when i got home i researched online about charities that could help with pet fees etc, and i rung pdsa, pet aid, rspca, blue cross, cats protection and none of them could help me. then yesterday tiger was lying down an dmoved to change postion the started howling badly, he got up, dragging his leg behind him again, looking at me, meowing for help, so of course i rang the vets back up who told me to bring him in. the surgeon only then proceeded to tell us that the procedure was only 50 per cent chance of being effective , and she said the receptionist shouldnt have told us that most cases is ineffective. she examined tiger and again his hip had come out of joint, so they kept him in, gave me a bill and have operated on him. my total bill is now £900. this includes the £150 i borrowed that i have to pay back. luckily i talked the vet into allowing me to bring tiger home, but i had to agree to pay £200 off on monday. i AM GOING TO really struggle with this bill as i am a single parent of two, with severe fibromyalgia and currently suffering with a prolapse that hasnt been treated yet, im in pain most of the time and so currently on disability living allowance and disability benefits. please id be greatful for any contributions towards my vet bill. thank you in advance for any contributions.