Please help me for rent of a shared room

Hello, my name is Claudio and I live in Nottingham, England. Before I have been worked as a care assistant, but it's already three months that I'm not working. I'm looking for a job, but I don't find... and my budget is reducing. I am paying a rent of a shared room for 200 pounds monthly, utilities not included. I'm receiving the Job Seeker's Allowance from DWP, but anyway just sufficient to live. Housing benefits request has been rejected by the Council because foreigner and not working. I am married, but my wife doesn't live with me, but in Italy by her parents. I feel in debt with her, recently I could send only 60 pounds, because it's already me to be in need. I hope that you, reading this post could help to give me one more time to look for a job. I'm applying for any job, but it's not so easy at my age, 46 y.o. , to find. Thank you for what you will be able to give and also for your attention. Bye Claudio