World_Cha, Brooklyn

I have always admired storytellers and the power of storytelling. In 2011 after serving 8 years on active duty in the USN and the USAF, I moved to New York to pursue my dream as a filmmaker. Immediately upon arrival in New York, I began building the foundation of my production company Meshae Studios. Meshae Studios is a digital canvas founded on the principle that everyone is born an artist with the ability and responsibility to create something BRILLIANT. Through the use of photography, social media marketing and digital video Meshae Studios amplifies the voices of artists whose messages educate, inspire, empower, and uplift. I am the Creative Director at Meshae Studios. I recently graduated from the New York Institute of Technology with a Master of Arts Degree in Communications. I also hold a Bachelor's degree in Marketing/Management. Currently, I am enrolled in a filmmaking program at the Digital Film Academy. As a humanitarian and military veteran, I have combined my love for surrealism, personal development, and metaphysics to shift perspectives through the art of storytelling. For the past 8 months I has been working on a transgender documentary entitled "Assigned Sex." The documentary explores the lives of five transgender individuals who have untied themselves from the stereotypes that American culture has regarding gender roles. I will be submitting the documentary to film festivals all over the world next year. Additionally, I build Documentary-Style Promotional Videos and Electronic Press Kits for artists/entrepreneurs looking to introduce their brands. Unfortunately, my creative ambitions are limited by my budget. My DSLR cameras are showing their age, I need to upgrade my audio equipment and I would like to lease or rent a studio space in Brooklyn in January of 2014. Up until this point I have used my own money to pursue this dream. I've officially broke my bank. I need your help to raise the money necessary to get my company off the ground. PLEASE HELP!