Please help me and my son x

Please I’m calling out I’m asking for help this is my very last option I never knew there was a site to ask people for help, I’m not very good turning to people to ask I feel very embarrassed concidering I’m a mother to a 14 month old son, we live in the middle of nowhere with my ex partner as you can imagine it isn’t nice, I would love to move back towards my family I just can’t save or afford to move back I haven’t got the money for rent or a deposit to move back towards my family, I’m currently in a joint universal credit claim with my ex as we live together he doesn’t work I’m busting my butt off I work two 9 hour days a week but we are left with £123 to live off each month I can’t save out of that it’s terrible, my other half’s last debt is automatically being taken out of our universal credit so I’m working for nothing I just want to be able to feed me and my son properly and give him some nice days out i would really appreciate it if anybody could help out even a few quid so I can start saving something so me and my son can move back towards our family where we will have support and love, unfortunetly my family are supportive but not with money, Please help us, I really wouldn’t ask if we didn’t need help, I’ve been to the council they won’t rehouse me they said my ex needs to be violent in order for them to rehouse me it’s horrible I feel isolated stuck and have nobody out here currently buying reduced foods I can’t believe I’m in this situation I want the best for my son I’m trying so hard but working for absolutely nothing is killing me :( please help us! I really appreciate it to the bottom of my heart in advance to anybody who can help or even took the time to read the situation we are in, thankyou so much from me and Caleb xx my paypal is if anybody could help out, many thanks to everybody x