Please help me and my children, we are in need.

Please he, Slovakia

I am a mother of 3 childrens.On divorce I remained alone with my grandmother who recently passed away. Entire cost of the funeral I had to pay me the debt. Caring for children alone.I can not find a job,because my 7 year old son has a mental disability and I can not leave him unattended to their other two daughters while I go work somewhere.In recent months, the doctors diagnosed me osteoporosis and rheumatism, treatment me even more debt. For osteoporosis, I started broken teeth and I have no more funds for doctors,because i must pay off debts. Very bad eating and my weight is only 38 kg. All of our monthly social income goes to pay loans,school and children. Please donate to improve our current financial condition,any financial assistance would help use get rid of the debt and pay the necessary doctors and helped stabilize our financial situation.Thank you to all the good people who show mercy and help us even a small contribution. God bless you.