Please.... help me.

Dear people, I am a man of 39 years old. I have had a normal life besides being very lonely in Spain as a dutchmen. It always has been very difficult for me to get a decent job in my country, life has always been a struggle for me but I could always help myself and never had to bother other people to help me. I do what I can and take whatever work they offer me just to live a ¨normal¨ life. I have no family anymore, it is hard to make friends for me, because of my shyness but I try to deal with that. The year 2017 was supposed to be the best year of my life ! Finally I found a girlfriend with who I was (and still am) very in love with. And the second great news was I got offered a job with a contract of 2 years in an office as a technical support agent for a big company! I can not explain how happy I felt. Like my small life in my own small world finally was complete, but it went terribly wrong. A girlfriend AND a new job working with a lot of people together in an office which is very good to lose my shyness and getting some social skills. But.... 2 days before I should go to sign my contract I fell down the stairs on the train station. A broken leg and until the present day I suffer a terrible pain still in my back. This happened in september 2017 and I am still in revalidation. Because in the country I live it is terrible difficult to get any financial help when not having work I spent all my savings to survive the last half year and now I am quite ruined. My girlfriend who I loved (and, to be honest, still do) left me. Maybe because I didn´t have money ? I don´t know and it hurts. She is with another one. I had to undergo medical examinations but still there is no diagnose. I try everything I can to obtain help and to recover but I can hardly walk and nobody cares about it. Happily medical help is free but it goes so so slow.. For the first time in my life I am in the ridiculous situation that I don´t have any income and it is impossible to work. All goes from bad to worse. First they cut my phone line, so I needed to go to an internet cafe to be online. Although this costs almost nothing, I am in the situation I have to ask if I can use it for free for a short time. I am behind with the rent for 2 months. The 22nd of this month it is ordered they cut my electricity. Now, I don´t want to beg for big amounts to help me with my electricity, phone line, water, rent and those things. I try to stay strong and take all possible steps to overcome this all, although very difficult because of my back, neck and hemochromatose illness but where I need to ask for is food. Please, if someone or anyone can help me with a small donation to buy food I will be so greatful and thankful ! I feel ridiculous I have to beg for money. this has never happened in my life but I don´t see a way out at this moment. If I can do something back for a person who donates to me for some food you can always ask me. Thank you very much for taking your time to read this. I have little hope, I have never done this before but today I stood up with the idea to go to the cybercafe and asking people for help this way. Feel free to contact me. Donations