Please Help make my wedding dinner a success

Denis Meh, Cameroon

Dear great and valued friends, we know that all communities need peace, unity, love, a sense of belonging, security and restrictions to ensure that lawless is not seen in our communities. All these can easily be gotten through well organized families built on good morals and well organized families built on good morals can only be gotten through marriage between two adults who love each other unconditionally. Marriage is honorable because it makes focus men like myself to stay focus on their goals without any distraction from loose women which can easily make a man to lose focus and become a failure. Also single men are more likely to be dangers to communities as there is no sense of belonging and responsibility as a result, many get involve in crime at all levels. I do not want to be a victim. That is why I greatly need your support to take a step ahead. I am Denis Meh. A month ago, i lost my job just some months to our planned wedding. I was hoping that as my salary and allowances come in, i will be able to meet all the required expenses or could even take a loan from work to get through the planned wedding but unfortunately, my services were no longer needed. This came as a shock because i did nothing wrong to earn the dismissal. I love my fiancée so much and she loves me so much too. We stand for true love and we know that there are lots of people out there who believe in and also share true love as we do or long for it daily. I know that these beautiful people who share the same views about true love as we do can stand by us at this time. We still desire to get married legally and raise a family based on mutual love, sacrifice, respect and support for others in future when things will turn around again in our favor. I strongly believe that with your support and a hand of love and sacrifice for us, you can make this dream of ours come true. We need your support to celebrate our love and raise a family where the kids we will be able to enjoy both maternal and paternal love to impact the society for a better tomorrow. We currently need $2000 which will be used to run the complete traditional African marriage and also paying of the African dowry of my wife to be. In Africa, the traditional marriage must be made before the civil marriage and the white wedding. It will be followed directly by the civil marriage and the white wedding which al the all backed by receptions and going through all the 3 receptions for the traditional marriage, the civil marriage and the white wedding in church is what makes the whole process so expensive. I am so grateful that you have the mind to help and thank you very much for your sacrificial help and support. Great people, we will appreciate anything you can drop in because without 1$, there won’t be 2$ and without 2$, there won’t be 3$ and even a million dollars starts with 1$. So, nothing will be too small to make this dream come true.