Please help make a real difference in my life which I am ready to end because I can not afford anything financially I am desperately reaching out to anyone that will be willing to help, I am currently battling depression to the point of contemplating suicide because of bills and car problems that are simply beyond what I can afford financially. I am looking for someone that can help me reach my goal as soon as possible. Like many I come from a family only in name, my family with more money and cars readily available refuse to lend any type of finger while I struggle. Only by the grace of god, my only friend giving me car rides, and some help from my financially strapped mother have I been able to barely stay afloat this long. Ever since 2014 I have had jobs let me go or my car would constantly go out. At this point my car shakes so bad from needing a tune up I can not afford, it is virtually undriveable. My situation is so bad financially I have been using a temporary license that expired in September of 2014 because I could not afford a copy of my birth certificate the DMV claimed I needed to get a new license I paid for on my Birthday of 2014. I have so desperately tried selling all and have only sold a few items to bring in money. All I want is a chance to succeed and be more than what I am, some unemployed struggling person that's suicidal. I need someone who will give me the love and support my family will not or never have given me. I most of the time eat $. 50 cans of chili from walmart and ramen noodle cups. I just want to get my life back on track and it is so heartbreaking i have no help to do so. The people that care are struggling like me and the people who don't care flaunt their better lives in front of me while not helping. I swear I will use the money in this ways: $150 will go towards tune up for car $150 towards comcast to pay it so I can keep contact with the world. $250 towards bills The rest towards food after getting my new license/copy of birth certificate. I know I could get a job at a factory if only I had reliable transportation and a new license. The food would hold me over to my first pay check. I just need a helping hand from someone who has both the compassion and the money to help. Thank you and god bless.