Please Help Keep my home and feed my pets

Please he, Pennsylva

I'm reaching out to the Internet in the hopes of a miracle. Up until April of this year I was unemployed and still had to pay child support. My wife and I work but are unable to get FT hours and it's causing a lot of hardship. I am dealing with a predatory mortgage lender and am stuck at their mercy until I am able to refinance with a reputable company. I need about $400 to pay the mortgage this month and keep us in the home. Any additional help will put food on the table for us and help with feeding our pets. I know some will say that 6 dogs is too many. 2 have been with us for 8+ yrs. 1 (our female) is 10 months old and was needed to fill the void (for the other boys) from the loss of our previous female to cancer over a year ago. The remaining 3 are rescues that would have been killed if not adopted. We have other problems like a car that gets me to work and is in dire need of repairs but can't afford them. I've never reached out for help for myself but am up the proverbial creek w/o that paddle and have nowhere else to turn. I want to work but finding a good job at 40 hrs a week that pays well to meet my needs is hard to find. I would like to thank everyone that reads this and is able to help.