Please help, just lost our house! out of work, in school, single mother with no family to help trying my best!

Pumpkin12, Ashland,

I really never thought I would do this! But i feel like I would try anything at this point! I am single mother of # wonderful kids. I am out of work right now, and in school for nursing. My father, and grandparents passed away when I was younger, and the rest of my family I am not close to. My father left me our home when he passed when I was 10. I moved in when I was 17, and lived there since. Until a year ago I lost the house to back taxes that I was not able to pay. I am currently staying with a friend and my children are all having to stay with their fathers until I get a new place of our own. It is killing me to be away from my children it has been almost a year, and I have been job huntung ever since, but have not had any luck. I am just down to the last penny and completely out of luck. I am have defeinitly hit a point of desperation. I hope this works. Please help me raise the money to get a place of our own so me and my children can be back together again! I have saved back some money from odd jobs i have done here and there cleaning friends houses and babysitting, and have found some nice houses to rent, and an apartment complex that has openings. any amount will help and go straight to getting us a place to live. thank you all so much in advace.