please help im so ashamed but i really have no where else to go can you hlep?

hi my names melanie im 25 3 children ann 4, jayden 1 and lee 2 (twins) i have recently found out im being evicted because landlord wants her place back so went to my council to be told we will be placed in a hostel/bnb miles miles away from home for upto as long as 2 years, i need to raise money for a deposit for a place i work part time because my twins jayden and lee have high medical needs oxygen dependant, autistic anddevelopment delays meaning i have to be at many hospital appointments for them and also day to day care of everyone my partner walked out 6 months ago and know this please help me get security for my babies im desperate and ashamed ive sold things, done bootsales tried to get a loan but cant all my money is taken by bills, rent, food i have sold my car my laptop all my belongings and in 1500 short even a tiny donation would make my whole life as it will restore my faith people i am at the lowest point in my life please help me get on my feet.