Please Help! I Have No Place To Turn To For Help.

Dana, AL

I appreciate and thank God for people in this world who can and are able to help others. I used to feed the homeless once a week which gave so much joy but after an accident with an eighteen wheeler truck (his fault and I ended up underneath the truck), my injuries were so severe, I am now on disability. My husband is terminally ill and I am making monthly payments for pre-planned funeral arrangements plus our monthly bills. I do not waste my money on luxuries like cable. After all our bills are paid, we don't have any money left. We've been having problems with our water pressure. I called the city water dept. to make sure it wasn't something on their end and they came out to check. Sometimes we'd have halfway decent water pressure. Other times, we just have a dribble. They said our water regulator was about to die. It is in an electrical box under the ground. Three days ago, it died. I had several gallons of tap water that I have kept around the house for emergencies to use for sponge bathing, washing dishes, etc. I have one gallon left. I would give anything for a decent shower. We all take things like this for granted. I'm fairly new in this area so I don't really know anyone. I've called agencies that help low-income but they don't help with this kind of thing. A plumber told me it would cost $250 to replace. Every little bit would help. Thank you for your kindness and help. May God bless you abundantly.