Please help a Greek

I apologize that I get the courage and I send you this message. I want to tell you that I am very ashamed for what I do and that is why I try to keep a little anonymity. I am Greek, 45 years old and I work in Greek Police. I am married and have three children. In recent years in the economic crisis we are trying with my wife to stand on our feet and to grow our three children with dignity. As is known, however, sometimes life brings many mishaps together in one place and then some things go out of control. Some health problems, a traffic accident (thank god our child is well), studying our two grown-up children, forced us to do more costs than we could. Credit cards fed us for our misfortunes. I let bills unpaid for tax office. Some rentals, unpaid, for homes that our two children living, because they studying in cities away from us and different cities. At the point we are now, we have to pay a large sum of money, beyond our capabilities, within a short time, otherwise they will get me to court, I will lose my job, my kids would stop studying, my wife and our little girl should go out of the house. I have been looking for a second job, but there is nothing in the job market. I tried to sell anything of value was at home. I tried to sell our car, but nobody buy one car 15 years old. But we need about 10.000 € to be able to stand to our own feet again. For this reason I send this message, I feel great shame I repeat, maybe you can help me with a financial support. If you think you need more information about me or my family, I gladly send to you. I'm not a crook but a desperate family man who does not know what else to do. Please forgive me. My English is limited so i used Google Translate to write this message. Thank you for your time and understanding. I wait anxiously for your donation.