Please help

Hello everyone reading this,

I pray that you can help me. I need help bad.. A year ago.I moved to a new state for a job and all was going great, new job, new state, new house, new everything.. Then i meet a man that swept me off my feet not long after dating things got serious and so did his temper.. Long story short he robbed me of all the money I had and beat me up pretty badly. Needless to say he left me very shaken, and broke! He did go to jail he's out of my life..

However, not long after my job underwent a major turn over and laid off over half of all its employees.. Yep, me included! I was devistated i had no back up all my saving everythingnof value was gone...UGGH!!

 Since I have not been able to find a job and i have lost just about everything I even had to move into my friends families house (Who I thank the good lord for)  unfortunately its almost that time that i have to move out they need there space and wants me to move out really soon because its so crowded at there house.. I dont know what im going to do I have been everywhere looking for a job and  I cant even afford to put gas in my car, but I dont let that stop me Im still been out there every day looking for a job and actively seeking spot jobs.

So if i could get some assistance  getting a place to live,  along with some gas in my car and paying for my cell phone so i can keep up the fight i would be more the greatful.. Without your help i dont know how much longer i can keep going...

Thank you all so much for your time.