Please help!!

Hello my name is Dan, I am 55yrs. old and live in NH. I am in a bad situation and hate doing this. I cared for my elderly parents for twenty years until they passed away ( RIP ). During that time I missed alot of work and became dependent using my credit cards to get buy. I ultimately got fired from two jobs due to missing alot of work to care for my parents. I ended up getting a bad job reputation and made it almost impossible to find a job. I tried starting my own little heating business with not very much success. I am in debt to the credit cards for about $20,000 and it is very depressing trying to keep up the payments and not being able to help my wife with the house hold bills. It is the middle of winter and we are down to the last ten bags of heating pellets and have no means to buy more. I have always been a hard worker and served my country in the USMC. I have never had to ask for help before and really hate to beg but I am now in the position where I have no choice. If I could find a person generous enough to pay off my credit cards and get a new start in life financially I would be forever grateful. Please any amount would be greatly appreciated. You could pay directly to the credit cards if you are unsure of my honesty. Please help!! Thank you and God Bless