Physio Therapy & Medical Bills.

Hi. My name Lisa and I live in the Uk. I am a happy 21 year old with a university degree. I had a wonderful job as a teacher, and I loved every minute of it! Unfortunately last year, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis at a very early age. I had to give up my job and I am very much just at home all the time. As time goes by my illness is getting viciously worse, and I am starting to loose the feeling in my feet and in my legs, but I am hoping to stay out of a wheelchair for the time being. That is why my physio is so important at the moment, that I cherish every waking minute I can using my legs. I appreciate you reading this so much, I know there are many more people on here in need, but thank you to whoever helps me. If you would ever like to know how my progress is going, please email me. Many many thanks, Lisa x