People wont hire people with bad teeth. I have bad teeth that are halfway fixed, I lost my job and benefits and need help finishing my dental work. Please help end my misery!

All I wan, Newfoundl

Please help! I recently lost my job and cant get past the interview to get a new job. One HR manager told me to come back when I have better teeth :( I am a mostly attractive 29 year old, but my teeth need a lot of work.. I never recieved proper dental care as a child and am now making up for it. Its hard to get a job with bad teeth, no one wants to hire you, people make vast assumptions about how they got that way. No I don't do drugs! I lost my first adult tooth when I was 13 years old, I was away at summer camp and my parents refused to pay for the work to fix it, so they pulled it out. That was a front tooth, and the start of my personal misery. Many years of teeth grinding, combined with asthma medications and acid reflux complicated by lack of dental care have erroded my teeth and, with it, my self esteem. I aim to get that back by getting my teeth fixed! I have started seeing a dentist after over 20 years of having been without, but dental work is very expensive. Work done so far: -extractions -several rootcanals -4 posts and cores -1 partial plate -2 crowns Left to get done: -2 crowns -1 bridge -partial plate . I am trying to get the front ones presentable enough so people will hire me for work. I am two crowns, a bridge and a partial plate away from my goal, but when I lost my job its benefits went with it. As a result I no longer have the resources to finish what I started. I have the work half done, and deperatly need the money so it can be finished. I am walking around with metal posts for front teeth, PLEASE HELP!!